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MTB Downhill challenges ProV

0.99 usd

*** Same as the Free version but without Ads (less permissions needed), and the game starts with 1000 bucks instead of 50. ***Choose your bike, your style and let's ride on trails inspired by the world's famous biking places!Compete for the gold medals in different kind of events. Become the faster racer or the freestyler with the best style to complete challenges and unlock new bikes and skills.
When racing, Mountain bike downhill challenges is not just about pressing the pedal button. You will have to take care of your power, just like enduro bikers use to do actually!
In pump track challenges, let your suspensions do the job and try to reach the finish line! Here, your skills will talk!
Fed up with chronometer? Participate to freestyle challenges, score or complete tricks list! You can also try to get all BIKE letters you will find in the levels!
FEATURES:------------------------------ 5 different types of challenges: RACE, PUMP TRACK, FREESTYLE (trick list and competition), BIKE letters collection,- tune and customize your bike and pilot,- easy tricks controls (superman, no hands, nothing...),- up to 75 FREE challenges,- currenlty 4 'inspired' locations: Cote d'Azur, Whistler trails, Red rocks rampage, mega avalanche.- PhysX based game for smooth suspensions and epic stunt fails (ragdoll pilot)...
TIPS:------------------------------ lean back when pedaling at the beginning for faster acceleration
The entire game is playable without spending a cent.
This is the first version of the game, feel free to post any suggestion, I will try to handle interesting requests.
Tested on Samsung Galaxy tab 3, s3 mini (similar config. recommended).